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The Singapore International Jazz Festival 2014

The Christy Smith / Kirk Lightsey Quartet featuring Keith Loftis and Nicholas Mc Bride at KL International Jazz Festival May, 2014
Hello Jazz Music Friends!
Wanted to invite you to the Singapore Jazz festival . The time is now for this spectacular music event. This invitation is for your presence and support.
International good people's ,Family,Facebook family & friends,lets acknowledge there is a downbeat coming(groundbeat?). From the ground up into the universe resounds that @ this time ; Music, Arts, International peoples legacies&histories are and is centered here in Singapore in all its modernity.
Our attention and consentienceness, the enjoyment of this week can and will perpetuate this type of positive events in the future!
Thanks to Ian, David and all the participants ,supporters world wide!
Good show yall. Lets reflect the good in us all. Peace , love, music!!!

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