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Joy! Beethoven 9th, Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra

JOY! – Beethovens 9th Symphony. As Singapore’s longest-serving community orchestra, BHSO will begin this musical journey through time with Overture in C – The Story of Singapore, composed by Cultural Medallion recipient and local jazz legend Jeremy Monteiro, International Musician Christy Smith on Bass and Tamagoh on Drums.
I cut myself from a stream a thought, regarding the Joy' concert 25th jan. Esplanade Concert Hall.. I was trying to say;" Beethoven humbles you and challenges all your inclinations of being a better musician, artist and human being. Almost instantaneously, you want to be astute, acute and mindful of playing this music collectively. Your awareness is heightened. Watch the conductor, counting, execution from preparing as an individual to do a good job ,blend as section and orchestra. Listening, awareness of all dynamics. Enjoying the music in the moments you are a part of it in real time !! All the Good intentions to share what is most positive ;the music that is for your soul and spirit to nourish!! Etc. etc. So much i can gather by the Beethoven's 9th experience. And, can apply to everyday musical situations, as thats what we are suppose to do ! All the good shit ! Anyway, I wanna Thank Maestro Adrian Tan for the invitation and the Braddell Symphony Orchestra for welcoming me . And, so happy;-D to be a part of something that is for purpose of interacting with the community and all peoples !!!! Peaceing out yall!!! JAMA Jama!

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