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Gaia Grooves Gig: Trees and Haze Focus

Gaia Grooves Gig Richard Jackson - Vocals, Keys Abraham - Vocals Wei Xiang - Piano, Eddie Layman - Drums, Christy Smith - Basses Hosted by Missy Gaia: Mallika Naguran
This past May, I was fortunate enough to perform in the Borneo Jazz Festival. It was fantastic all the way around. Thats where I met Mallika to talk about some environmental issues. Excuse me, We met 1st a few weks before @ Blujazz and had a brief discussion about music, environment etc. Oh, we will both be in Borneo same time ! In Miri, we continued to talk about possible events that could educate, inspire and stimulate peoples consciousness to embrace and address present day environmental problems and issues. Well, I thought that music could be an excellent medium to increase awareness exponentially. Thus, we agreed to try and work together in some capacity. After hearing Mallika's ideas,and her concern for raising money for our younger generation to study in the environmental field . This was something to be a part of !! SO, iIm in and hope to see a lot of support this July 1ST@ Blujazz " Bring your heart, mind and your money to help the cause". Peace , love music & trees.

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