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The Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival 2014

The Christy Smith / Kirk Lightsey Quartet featuring Keith Loftis and Nicholas Mc Bride at KL International Jazz Festival May, 2014
One week ago this time the Christy Smith / Kirk Lightsey quartet featuring Keith Loftis & Nicholas Mc Bride opened our show @ the 2014 Kuala Lumpur International Jazz and Art Festival with this composition by the late great Michael Stanton entitled "Premonition". This goes out to Kelly kes Stanton , Mario Maxx Stanton , Sherry, Shannon, and all Mikes family, extended family and friends and Facebook friends ! A tribute to him and family!!!!!! DJ Billie Prest and everyone ENJOY ! (Mike Piano, Eddie Drums, Christy Bass, Keith Tenor sax). Thank All y'all for Listening to Music period !!! Still learning PEACE OUT !

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