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Something magical happened at the Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Fest

KLJazz International Jazz Day 2013 with the Christy Smith Quartet
Something magical happened at KL international jazz festival 2013. The magic and the blessing came came from founders, organizers, participants in every facet of the event, on down to the cleanup crew ! Yes, there were bumps and glitches and everyone seem to roll with it pretty well. I think this is due to the love of humankind, pulling together, sharing some of that love for the event to transpire or happen! The vibe was centered like 1 big nucleus. Grounded, so that, the emittance of positive vibrations bounce back through the universe with the gift of music to resound & give praise for the blessing that day!!! All people's were needed. The artists performing came from all parts of the planet and did what they were born to do. I spoke of enjoying, sharing & connecting with the audience (was hopeful). I can gladly say that occurred. The receptivity was on a point that's what takes everybody to get involved. People were not afraid to meet & greet you and tell you what they thought of the performance. That's gratifying !!! You dig !!! Wanna thank my Malaysian sisters & brothers, and all folks that contributed in spirit. Special thank you to Kerong Chok, Shawn Letts & Erik Hargrove for being apart of the 'Christy Smith Quartet' ! Also, Jessy J sax, Iajhi drums & Todd Gordon . Sorry couldn't give you the blow by blow. This was 1 or some capsuled thoughts of KL j fest 2013. Note: the Singaporean, Thai, Malaysian Asia based musicians that supported the international artist and festival in general kicked ass !!!!
Peace, music & love you all

The Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival 2013


Hello my Jazz Friends and the rest of the good people in the world! 

I'm posting up to slam dunk the news of KL Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 14. The Christy Smith Quartet will perform: featuring Kerong Chok(piano), Shawn Letts(tenor saxophone) and Erik Hargrove(drums). This will be a magnificent musical day in Malaysia. 

Our group will perform contemporary originals from Kerong and myself, and some standards that I will sing. Yup! Gonna do it! The songs were chosen for this occasion primarily to feature the brilliant soloists in the group. As some of you know, the festival was postponed on April 2and 29 to this very day of September 14 due to elections. Although, there was a performance by many artists on April 30, International Jazz Day. 

It was an honor to open with a speech on the significance of  International Jazz Day. "We are a part of which we know promotes peace in the soul of humanity." I'd like to keep that in mind, heart and soul when we perform and celebrate the music we play that day (Sept. 14). 

As I represent my hometown of Compton, greater Los Angeles, Southern California, Singapore and the rest of the world, I'm dedicating the performance to Mulgrew Miller, George Duke, Cedar Walton and Marian McPartland who have recently transitioned to ancestry. No doubt, some form of musical expression shall come out from acknowledging their legacy and gift to this world. 

Now, the main impetus for our performance in KL Jazz Fest 2013 is to share, connect and enjoy with the audience and partipants, celebrating life as we know it. YOU DIG? Hope to see you or feel you in spirit. Peace, love and music.

Note: Also, Christy has the opportunity to perform with saxophonist Jessy J from LA and singer Todd Gordon.

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