Christy Smith Music Biography



Idiewild School of Music & The Arts, Compton High School Marching Band, Dance Band & Orchestra Louis Thomas / Director;  
1972-1977: Communicative Artist: Big Band under Troy Robinson, Henry Grant’s Big Band, Battle of Bands Production Band Hollywood Bowl, Live Recording – Custom Fidelity Records:
1973 Bob McDonald / Director, Pat Williams /Guest Conductor, 1974 Bob McDonald / Director, Mercer Ellington / Guest Conductor;  
1977: Performed at FESTAC, The 2nd Annual Black & African Festival of Arts & Culture in Lagos, Nigeria with “The Creative Musicians” Troy Robinson of The Watts Towers, L.A, California / Conductor, John Outterbridge/Director, Highlight Performance with Stevie Wonder, Fela and the African 70’;  
1978: Toured Europe with C.S.U. Fullerton Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark / Conductor, Performed at The Musique Vierine, Vienna; Estahazy Palace, Eisenstadt: Gratz & Salzburg, Austria; Lake on Rigi, Lucerne; Montreux & Geneva, Switzerland; London & Liverpool, England; Performing works were “The Firebird Suite”/ Igor Stravinsky “Three Places in New England” by Charles Ives, “Candide Overture” by Leonard Bernstein & Dvorak’s “9th’ New World Symphony”

1980 – 1982: Member of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark / Conductor, Performing concerts with artists such as Anna Moffo, Sarah Vaughn, Jerome Rose & Leonard Pennario, also Carmen Dragon as Guest Conductor. Performed with the University Symphony Orchestra Aaron Copeland / Conductor. Performed works were “Appalachian Sprint” & “Billy The Kid Suite” by Aaron Copeland. Performed in the Combo & Big Band on the “Tropicale”. Carnival Cruise Lines.  
1982 -1992: Helped form band called Phuntaine with Eddie” Gip” Noble,Gerald Pania, Joshua Sclaire working ail over Southern California. Member of Ray & The Idols / Ramone & The LA Band. Formed Power Trio Band & freelanced until arrival in Singapore.

SINGAPORE ENGAGEMENTS 1993 to Current: Performed with Charly & The Eddie Green Trio at the Somerset’s Bar, Westin Hotel. ,: M.C. and In-House Bassist with Chromazone for HARRY;S INTERNATIONAL, performing with artists including Wynton Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Eric Marienthal, Spiro Gym Teramasu Hino, Paul Jackson Jr.  Eric McCain Jeremy Monteiro and many more. Actively involved in many projects including Recording Sessions, Television, National Arts Council events, International Festivals, School and Higher Education Programs. Currently teaching Double Bass at Bass Guitar at the National University of Singapore , United World South East Asia and Lasalle College of the Arts. Performing  and Harry’s International Quayside 6 nights a week.
2010: Jeremy Monteiro &friends with Chinese Orchestra, J.M. & friends perform in Beijing celebrating 20 years of Singapore and China Relations in September 2010.

The Jeremy Monteiro International Trio & Three Jazz Divas Tour 2013 with Jeremy Monteiro, featuring singers Melissa Tham, Eileina D'Ennis and Nancy Kelly
The Christy Smith Quartet performed at the Kuala Lumpur Internatonial Jazz Festival 2013, featuring Christy Smith (Double Bass, Electrical Bass & Vocals), Chok Kerong (Piano & Organ), Shawn Letts (Tenor Saxophone) and Eric Hargrove (Drums)

2014: The Singapore International Jazz Festival with James Morrison, Roberta Gambarini
Kuala Lumpur International Woman's Day Jazz Tribute Concert
20 years of Thomson Big Band Magic with Greta Matassa, Greg Glassman and Alemay Fernandez.
Christmas CD Recording @ Sound & More Darmstadt by Jeremy Monteiro
Borneo Jazz with Diana Liu
Kuala Lumpur International Jazz & Arts Festival with The Christy Smith / Kirk Lightsey Quartet
Pianobotanica, JAZZ BRASILEIRO: by Jeremy Monteiro with Juliana da Silva
Gaia Grooves Gig with Mallika Gaia sponsoring education in nature preservation.
Jeremy Monteiro's Compositions Tour featuring Ernie Watts with performances in Singapore and Shanghai

2015: The Singapore International Jazz Festival, March 6th-8th with the Christy Smith Quartet featuring Keith Loftis on saxophone, Nial Djuliarso on piano and Willie Jones III on drums.
March 7th, Orchestra of the Music Makers with the Jeremy Monteiro Trio, Chan Tze Law conducting, Jeremy Monteiro and Tama Goh.
March 20th, 2015, NUS Arts Festival, NUS Jazz band with Jeremy Monteiro and Tama Goh
10th to 13th September 2015, The Kuala Lumpur International Jazz and Arts Festival with the Eric Wyatt Quartet with Eric Wyatt on Saxophone, Benito Gonzalez on piano and Eddie Layman on drums.
December 31st, 2015, New Years Eve Gala with Laura Fygi at the One Farrer Hotel and Spa.

2016: Singapore International Jazz Festival 2016 with the Vadim Eilenkrig Band with Vadim Eylenkrig on Trumpet, Kameron Pearson on Keyboards, Ernesto Enriquez on Guitar, Anthony Parker on Drums and Christy Smith on Bass

2016 USA Tour:
Los Angeles: Performed with Alphonse Mouzon featuring Ernie Watts, followed by Azar Lawrence and Roy McCurdy Mahesh Balasooriya @( Seabird Jazz Lounge Long Beach Ca.) Courtesy of Jeffery Littleton.
St. Andrews park Jazz festival with DD McNeil, Kenny Elliot, Ricky Woodard and Sam Hirsh.
Performed with Bobby West and Fritz Wise @ the Billy Higgin's World Stage and at the infamous Lighthouse Cafe with Louis Taylor, Theo Saunders and Marvin Smitty Smith.
New York City: Engagement @ Smalls Greenwich Village with Eric Wyatt, Benito Gonzalez & Jay Sawyer.

Singapore, July 22nd, 2018:
Christy's Communicative Artists at Jazz in July at the Esplanade with Sean Hong Wei, Wei Xiang Tanand Aaron James Lee.

Singapore, July, 2020 (during Corona)
Jazz in July at the Esplanade with Sean Hong Wei, and Nicole Duffel

Singapore, August 23rd, 2020 (during Corona)
JASS@HOME celebrating "SWINGING IN SINGAPORE". A Celebration of Singapore's 55th Birthday

Singapore, March 21th, 20201 (during Corona)
JAZZ in TIME A Tribute to Singapore Jazz Pioneers and interview with Christy

2022 USA Tour:
Los Angeles: Concert at the World Stage Concert Series 2022 with Jamael Dean, Javier Vergara and Fritz Wise.
New York City: Engagement @ Smalls Greenwich Village with the Miki Yamanaka Trio


George Bohannon
Ed Blackwell
James Newton
Charlie Haden
Sonship Theus
Oscar Brashear
Esther Philips
Tisha Cambell
Don Cherry
Redd Foxx
Billy Higgins
Carl Burnett
Ernie Andrews
Charles McPherson
Harold Land
Eddie Harries
Barbara McNair
Alphonse Mouzon
Algela Teek
Sam Fletcher
Della Reese
Monyungo Jackson
Bernard Igner
Billy Childs
Ndugu Chancellor
Reggle Andrews
Pat Williams
Larry Farrow
David Li & Love Li
Marla Gibbs
Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Garnett Brown
Keiko Lee
Steve Thornton
Sarah Vaughn
James Moody
Jeremy Monteiro
Judy Roberts
Eldee Young
Redd Holt
Oscar Seaton Jr.
James Carter
Keith Loftis
Bill Paxton
Nate Morgan
Fritz Wise
John Beasley
Wynton Marsielles
Bob James
Stevie Wonder
Buck Clarke
O’donnel Levy
Gip Noble
Azar Lawrence
Michael Stanton
Louis Pragassam
Dwight Dickerson
Ron Jefferson
Richard Davis
Ron Muldrow
Darryl Moore
Dwight Tribble
Jon Williams
Eli Digibri
Dave Samuels
Aaron Goldberg
Greg Glasmann
Dave Weckl
Russel Ferrante
Randy Brecker
Ernie Watts
James Carter
Gabriel Hernandez
Roberta Gambarini
Underground Raiload
Alex Foster
Laura Fygi
Eric Wyatt

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